You may be exhausted by all the research that you have done at this point. But you’ve finally come to the right place. Bowling is a proven investment and is truly an anchor attraction to any facility. You could not have found a better partner then that of Allied Bowling. From Start to finish and for many years to come, we promise to deliver at all aspects of your project

What type of bowling center is right for you? Well of course this will depend on a few things, one, your personal taste, two, your marketing demographic, and last but not least, your budget. No matter what, Allied Bowling is the perfect partner for you. We have listed some bowling center types below along with a brief description of what each of them is.

Boutique Lounge

These centers blend bowling, music and socializing, with food and beverage sales serving as the main profit center. This type of center caters to the 21-38 year old demographic. This type of center also has upscale plush style furnishings and will also contain some private lanes for corporate parties or private parties. Also very popular in this type of center is the string pinsetter. Since sanctioned leagues are not an option at this type of center the string pinsetters are a perfect fit.

Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s)

FECs to all ages young and old. They feature a plethora of attractions, such as mini-bowling, arcade games, laser tag, go-carts, bumper cars, video games and indoor mini golf. Plus, they also have facilities for birthday parties and corporate parties which make a significant revenue contribution.

Hybrid Centers

Hybrid type centers have grown in popularity over the last 4 years. Most of these hybrid centers will incorporate cinema screens, private bowling lounges, restaurants and bars. Basically, this type of center does a very good job at capturing every entertainment dollar that the customer is willing to spend. The hybrid centers might offer league play part of the week, open play or family entertainment the rest.

Traditional Centers

The most common of all center types, bowling is the core business and main source of revenue here—typically about 70% of total income, with tournament, league and open play contributing equally. Because bowling is so prominent, most offer a limited number of other attractions, such as billiards and video games. Most of the traditional bowling centers that exist today are starting to make the transition from traditional to FEC. They realize that they have not been able to capture the full entertainment dollar.

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