]mini-bowl-pinsThe Mini Bowl logo is not the only thing that is green… our mini bowling system is as well. Allied Bowling’s Mini Bowl is not only the most intelligent mini bowling system in the industry, we are also proud to provide the most environmentally friendly mini bowling system in the industry. We achieve this by providing you the with the newest pinsetter technology, 40” LED scoring monitors and LED high output lighted capping.

Allied’s mini bowling system has been designed to give you all the excitement that bowling has to offer but with a low cost, low maintenance option.

The Mini Bowl system has been specifically designed to give you the same pin action as you would experience in a real bowling facility. We achieve this by keeping the Ball-to-Pin ratio the same.


  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Bowling Facilities
  • Cruise Ships
  • Residential


Mini Bowl offers solid-steel constructed ball rack and hood. Built to withstand heavy daily use.


Allied’s mini bowling system is the most cost effective system available in the industry. Your long term investment is safe with us. We guarantee that our system requires less maintenance and cost much less to maintain after the initial warranty has expired.


Allied’s mini bowling system has the most generous warranty program in the industry by offering 30 months.  We cover more products and for a longer period of time.  Still no need to worry even after the warranty expires,   all of our replacement parts cost less than any other mini bowling system in the industry.


Our Mini Bowl lanes are the ONLY full glow mini lanes available in the market.  These fully synthetic lanes are built and last and do not require you to wear special shoes.  They are easy to maintain and very easy to clean.


The Mini Bowl system is equipped with the most sophisticated scoring system in the industry.  As a standard our system comes with 3D animated graphics and scoring grids as well as 40” high definition scoring monitors.


Our mini bowling system comes with many options for payment, Coin, bill accepter, credit card payment or the most common is through debit card interface.


Anybody who knows redemption understands that this is a must for most games.  If your facility has chosen to be a redemption based center then we are equipped to make that happen for you.  Mini Bowl is fully integrated with most of the card system manufacturers.

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