We promise to deliver the best video masking units that the industry has to offer. For our frames we utilize a thicker gauge metal than what is typically used in the industry. This provides a safer environment and allows for maximum durability. Our Video screens are fully integrated into the frames and do not need to be mounted from the ceiling. This allows for a uniformed look that can be customized to any height. We also offer a wide range of video projectors. No one project is the same and this is why we are the best at what we do. We will take a look at your ceiling height and existing lighting before we decide what projectors to use.

Standard Sizes: Measured from lane surface – All screens provided are 16:10 aspect ratio for HD quality.

  • 8’ video masking unit frame
  • 10’ video masking unit frame
  • 12’ video masking unit frame
  • 15’ video masking unit frame

Masking Unit (Traditional)

  • 6 Foot Graphic Only – 2 Lane Wide
  • 8 Foot Graphic / CineMask Video Option – 2 Lane Wide
  • 10 Foot Graphic / CineMask Video Option – 2 Lane Wide
  • 12 Foot Graphic / CineMask Video Option – 3 Lane Wide
  • 15 Foot Graphic / CineMask Video Option – 4 Lane Wide

Click here to view our Masking Unit Graphics

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