Steltronic has been the leader in scoring innovation for over 25 years. Vision Focus was developed on the latest Microsoft technology and is a fully scalable and user friendly scoring system with interactive real 3D graphics. These scoring graphics will far exceed anything you will find in the industry.



Every Steltronic system starts at the front desk. Its control every pair of lanes, as well as the other areas of your entertainment center.

Simply install as many computer terminals as you need–each computer may operate as a full front desk computer. Your lane computers report back to your management computers, and the Focus software takes care of backups, peripheral duties, and modern connections. All interfacing with the latest available hardware configurations and operating systems.


The Focus front desk which controls the time games… although this sounds like it may be technically challenging, once you have tried our software you will discover this program is very easy and intuitive to use.

This screen provides an overview of multiple games currently playing and those about to start. Our game control module is built around the idea of continuous game flow.


Only Steltronic’s Automatic Scoring System offers a fully-integrated Point-Of-Sale (POS) System. By forcing the order through the POS system you eliminate the possibility of items going out of the kitchen, bar or Pro shop without being charged for. POS will allow you to take control of all types of transactions in your bowling center, making it more profitable and virtually impossible to steal from!

As a further convenience, full front desk operation functions can also be accessed from the same terminals.

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